Are Master-Planned Communities Good Investments?

As an accompaniment to one of our other recent articles, “What Does ‘Master-Planned’ Community Mean?”, the team here at Harbourview District wanted to answer one of our other most frequently-asked questions: “Are master-planned communities good investments?” The answer for both investors and potential residents is yes, master-planned communities are indeed worthwhile investments. Today we are exploring why planned communities are, in fact, one of the best real estate investments available in today’s market.

A Master-Planned Community Offers An Array of Features

The very definition of a master-planned community is a large-scale development in which a myriad of recreational and professional opportunities are available. As such, a planned community’s strength lies in its ability to provide an immediate (and long-term!) return-on-investment via its wide range of benefits. For Harbourview District specifically, these include:

  • Catering to Downsizers: Harbourview District is planned to be the epicenter of 400 homes, all of which are to be made up of multiple mid-rise condominiums linked by green space. While we expand on the topic of affordability later in this article, this layout aids in affordability while still retaining the gorgeous sea-to-sky views that Nanaimo offers and being an active community hub… meaning that downsizers looking for a luxurious place to call home without breaking the bank is within reach.

The community will boast the following: several bike lanes to accommodate both drivers and cyclists; wide sidewalks for pedestrians; a short walk to downtown; supplemented street parking; easy access to Island Highway, Vancouver Island’s main highway; accessible and scenic pathway connectivity between buildings and the community; and a wide array of on-site commercial retail space. This also includes a five-minute walk to retail and restaurants, a 15-minute walk to both access Harbour Air and drive to hiking-and-biking trails, and, last but certainly not least, a one-and-a-half hour’s drive to the luxurious Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. 

  • Plentiful Amenities (Which Satisfy Both Families and Individuals Alike!): Alongside affordability and value, Harbourview District’s proximity to its many amenities is one of the other reasons why it makes for such a solid investment. As a transitional neighbourhood, Harbourview District is located near numerous parks, seawalls, shops, businesses, educational centers, real estate activity, and entertainment hubs… all within walking distance of your front door. At the time of publication, Harbourview District is a short walk to the following: are-imagined Commercial Street, acting as an energetic stroll throughout the Downtown core; mouth-watering Cold Front Gelato; Port Place Shopping Center, a one-stop-shop for eye care, medical, banking, hearing services, and groceries;  The Network Hub, a trending co-working space for entrepreneurs; and snug cafes like Gabriels and Vault.
  • A Location That Puts Even the Urban Living of Toronto to Shame… While Still Encompassing British Columbia’s Natural Beauty: Harbourview District uniquely blends urban living and B.C’s incomparable natural scenery. With its restored spacious Victorian homes and miners’ cottages, the in-development condominiums carve out a city landscape and transform the surrounding area into a premier, family-oriented community. 

Looking to learn more about what makes master-planned communities (and Harbourview District specifically) one of the best real estate investments in modern history? Visit Parkshore Projects Ltd. today. 

A Master-Planned Community Offers a Higher Return-On-Investment for Investors Who Buy Early

Harbourview District’s dedicated residents make up a fervent community hub. This means that preserving the historical significance of the land on which Harbourview District is built on, the quality of its amenities, and the overall quality of the neighbourhood is carefully curated and controlled. Long-term, this equates to buyers in these areas being fully aware of the promise this emerging community holds. With the strength of condominium investments ever-growing, combining said condominiums with the ocean, mountains, green space, and overarching amenities a master-planned community offers means that any stakeholder who invests now is sure to make not only immediate ROI, but also that their investment is safe (and sure to blossom!) in the future by ensuring that the home you buy is as beautiful ten years ago as it was the day you purchased it.  The thoughtful process of planning master-planned communities works to protect home values during recessions; meanwhile, its mix of accessible residential and commercial properties continuously grows and expands its demographic, thereby bolstering its popularity over time. Think of master-planned neighbourhoods as a fine wine!  Mixed-use development that integrates residential, commercial, cultural, and institutional sites makes for effective land use and is increasing in popularity.  Whether you are looking at purchasing (or renting) a unit in Harbourview District, a master-planned community’s combination of neighbourhood curation and price stabilization makes it the ideal destination for either a family home, retirement unit, or secondary income. In-demand, of good value, and popular amid both buyers and renters alike, there is a reason why master-planned communities are the destination of millions of potential customers.

The Reason Why it is Important to Have Planned Communities in Nanaimo, B.C

Unlike investments in Toronto or elsewhere across Canada, planned communities here in Nanaimo, B.C offers the most potential for growth. Over the next eight years, we at Harbourview District plan to complete the buildout process of the area and complete its transition into a safe, beautiful, and vibrant neighbourhood.  Demand for these communities continues to grow, and with the benefits listed above for investors and renters alike it is clear to see why.  To those interested in learning more before investing, we highly encourage you to either sign up for our Harbourview District newsletter or contact us directly.