Redefining Urban Living in Nanaimo

Developing quality homes and building urban communities.

The Principle Property Group believes in creating relevant community-enhancing developments that leave a positive architectural footprint. Listening to and understanding what the community wants is critical to creating a project design and delivering our goal. We are currently focusing on the redevelopment of areas of urban Nanaimo areas to provide a variety of housing solutions and densification aimed at building a thriving commercial downtown centre. Our vision aligns with that of the City of Nanaimo, and we work to anticipate and provide solutions that address the City’s concerns when it comes to design development.

Construction Management from the ground up Parkshore Projects’ culture of excellence and innovative design incorporates more than seven decades of combined experience in real estate and construction. From its inception, Parkshore has taken an industry-leading approach to transform the neighbourhoods where people live, work, shop, dine and unwind. The company has earned a reputation for creating timeless, energy-efficient homes specifically tailored to the way people live today. Parkshore Projects partnered with urban design firm D-Ambrosio to create a master vision for the re-imagined Downtown South-End neighbourhood. Staying true to the neighbourhood’s Official Community Plan and the City of Nanaimo and South End Community Association’s mandates, over the next five years Parkshore will create 280 homes in multiple mid-rise condo buildings linked by walkable, liveable green space.