What Does ‘Master-Planned’ Community Mean?

“What does ‘master-planned’ community mean? What are master-planned communities?”

It’s a question we hear at Harbourview District field frequently. Defined as a large-scale residential neighbourhood with plentiful commercial and recreational amenities, a master-planned community development offers an array of personal and professional opportunities alike.

Why should you be interested in the opportunity master-planned communities provide shops, general businesses, neighbours, and, of course, you and your loved ones? Well…

Planned Communities Are Good Investments

After answering the initial questions of what master-planned communities are, the next to follow is usually: “Are master-planned communities good investments?”

The short answer? Yes.

The long answer? While we delve deeper into this subject in one of our accompaniment blogs, we are happy to provide an overview of why planned communities make such good investments. After all, these reasons are what make master-planned communities what they are!

At their core, master-planned communities present:

Room to Grow

Whether you are a professional seeking a new place to set up shop, are a young family looking to put roots down, or are simply someone who is looking to start fresh, master-planned communities are an example of a neighbourhood design that only gets better as time goes on. 

Already chock-full of parks, general recreation, and nearby shopping, educational opportunities, entertainment and nightlife, transportation options, and real estate activity, the emerging community of Harbourview District is a glowing example of the benefits of choosing to grow in a master-planned community. (Not to mention its sea-to-sky landscape!)

A Sense of Community

Also built into a master-planned community’s definition (and why they’re such good investments) is the sense of community that they provide. To live in a master-planned community is to be exposed to a type of neighbourhood that is, nowadays, rarely-found: one with a lot of heart.

To work within the same community that you live is a luxury that many people are not afforded… and, if they are, scarcely does said community encompass the wide range of commercial and recreational options that master-planned communities do. As such, to work and play inside one community gives the assurance of deeper bonds to both other residents and the community as a whole. After all, a strong sense of community is one of the best feelings there is!

Walkability (and General Accessibility!)

Linking big-city amenities with a historically rich part of Nanaimo, the Harbourview District has been described as an emerging “vibrant, walkable, and diverse hub with landscaped walkways, roadways to accommodate bike lanes, coffee shops, boutiques, seating, and public art”. 

It aims to connect all walks of life in a way that balances accessibility and affordability… all without forsaking quality, which means your investment could not be better directed.

Master-Planned Communities are a Downsizer’s Dream

The master-planned community of Harbourview District is built around three words: Explore. Connect. Inspire. And all that is possible for downsizers to enjoy by moving into a community like ours.

In addition to the general walkability, accessibility, and investment opportunities that master-planned communities grant, Harbourview District takes it a step further for those looking to step away from house-living. Over the next four years, Parkshore Projects’ developers plan to build 280 homes in Harbourview District, all of which are multiple mid-rise condo developments linked by green space.

This means all of the joys of condo living without the stagnated designs that some associate with standard condos. Whether you are local to beautiful Vancouver Island or are from out of town, Harbourview District combination of mountain views and ocean air reminds downsizers that affordability and convenience doesn’t have to come at the cost of aesthetics.

Whether you are looking to set down roots for family, are seeking a place for retirement, or are simply looking for a change, master-planned communities should be put on the “Must-Consider” list for all downsizers.

Examples of Master-Planned Communities on Vancouver Island

Still trying to crystallize the definition of a master-planned community in your mind? The following are examples of the thriving elements of a community like ours and offers a glimpse into what living in a master-planned community looks like:

To further explain, master-planned communities must have the following in common in order to meet their definition:

  • They must be large-scale: for example, the average size of a master-planned community as of 2021 is 2,500 acres
  • They must embody both professional and recreational opportunities: one of the main attractants of a master-planned community is to be a “work-and-play” area

What else do these master-planned communities have in common? Accessibility. Affordability. Community. Beauty. Room to grow. 

While the local master-planned communities above may not capture Harbourview District’s unique blend of condo living and urban essence, they do embody the overall joy and endless possibilities that come with opting to become a resident of a master-planned community!

Are You Looking to Transition to Life in a Master-Planned Community?

Regardless of if you are an investor, potential resident, or simply someone who is seeking more information on what master-planned communities entail, we here at Harbourview District are happy to help. We strongly believe in the urban living, accessibility, and community space opportunities that Harbourview District provides. 

Please feel free to contact us or register for our informational newsletter today. Our presentation center is also open by appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!