What Makes a Condo the Perfect Home for retirement?

What makes a condo the perfect home for retirement? 

It’s a good question: that’s why we here at Harbourview District have dedicated the entirety of today’s article to detailing what makes condo-living your #1 retirement pick, what Harbourview District in specific offers for retirement living, and everything else you need to know about maximizing your retirement in a condominium. 

Low-Maintenance Living: the Top Decider in the House vs. Condo-Living Retirement Debate 

Low-maintenance living is one of the top factors for retirees choosing between a house and a condominium for their retirement property. 

The maintenance benefits of choosing a condo include

  • Not requiring the regular interior maintenance or exterior maintenance that typically comes with a home (this includes plumbing repairs, carpentry, electrical issues, lawn-mowing, snow removal, pest control, and general yard maintenance
  • The convenience of not requiring hands-on ongoing maintenance; instead of taking money out of pocket for repairs or updates, a monthly fee will be put towards maintenance costs. This money will also contribute to a reserve fund in order to cover any major repairs or upgrades to the building as time goes on 
  • Having the ability to pick up the phone and get into immediate contact with your strata about any potential maintenance issues or concerns that crop up 

These facets of low-maintenance life are also particularly appealing for seniors considering renting or buying a condo for their retirement! 

Accessibility to Amenities 

Accessibility to amenities is also a big win for those of you asking themselves, “Is it wise to buy or rent a condo for my retirement?”

Here at Harbourview District, we tout an array of plentiful amenities within walking distance or a short drive via car or public transit to satisfy families and individuals alike in terms of independent living and promoting a wider community with rich social connections: as a transitional neighbourhood, our condos are located near numerous seawalls, parks, shops, businesses, real estate activity, educational centers, and entertainment hubs. This arrangement guarantees that all lifestyle options are a quick walk from your front door. 

As of 2021, our commercial amenities, recreational amenities, social amenities, and, of course, public facilities include the reimagined Commercial Street, which paves its way through the beautiful Downtown core; the Port Place Shopping Center, which acts as a one-stop shop for medical care, banking, eye care, hearing services, and groceries; The Network Hub, a trendy co-working space designed for entrepreneurs; and mouth-watering food and drink options such as Cold Front Gelato and Gabriels and Vault. 

This range of amenities serves two purposes: making life a breeze while maximizing each condo’s investment or resale value! Here at Harbourview District, you’ll never be short of helpful conveniences within walking distance, which has made our neighbourhood a popular choice for owners, renters, and investors alike. 

Built-In, Enhanced Safety 

One of the many benets of master-planned community living is its built-in, enhanced safety

Living close to your neighbours not only provides a better sense of community, but also an added layer of security: between common spaces and next-door living spaces, condo-living provides better security than regular houses or detached homes due to their premium location beside other condos and condo owners. 

Due to Harbourview District’s wide range of amenities, many residents both work and play in the nearby Downtown core; this fosters both a stronger sense of community and enhanced safety measures born out of familiarity with the people and the area.

Other security measures in condo communities include: 

  • Built-in security systems 
  • Underground parking
  • Secure outdoor common spaces

Here at Harbourview District, your comfort and safety is our top priority. We keep in close contact with our renters, owners, and investors about our current security measures to ensure that they and their belongings are always in safe hands. 

Location, Location, Location 

For those asking the questions of, “Do condos appreciate in value?”, “Are condos a good investment for rental property?”, and “Is a vacation condo a good investment?” in relation to retirement condo-living, good news: it’s all about the location! 

Harbourview District embodies this to a T, what with linking big-city amenities with a historically-rich part of Nanaimo. Described as an emerging, “vibrant, walkable, and diverse hub of landscaped walkways, roadways to accommodate bike lanes, coffee shops, boutiques, seating, and public art”, our master community looks to connect all walks of life by balancing accessibility, affordability, and the gorgeous scenery British Columbia is best known for: long before coal mining shaped the landscape, this South End shoreline was decorated with longhouses belonging to the traditional Snuneymuxw who originally lived on the land. While the area today is rapidly transforming into an area geared towards families and downsizers, we pride ourselves on embracing the historical significance of the land and maintaining both its original amenities and its strong sense of community. 

Harbourview District also has easy accessibility to Island Highway, Vancouver Island’s main highway; is a ve-minute drive to Harbour Air and numerous scenic trails; and is a one-and-a-half hour’s drive to the coveted Mt. Washington Alpine Resort, a popular destination for snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, tubing, and general sight-seeing.  

Interested in viewing Harbourview District’s location ahead of visiting? Check out our interactive map and accompanying list of destinations today

An Overview of What Makes a Condo the Perfect downsizer Home 

Ideal for downsizers, retirees, and investors, condominiums are both good investments and viable options for those looking for the ideal retirement home. 

Condo-living in Harbourview District is perfect for many downsizers due to:

The lack of required maintenance versus owning or renting a house or detached living space The lack of required ongoing maintenance or building updates 

Consistent and reliable communication with the strata when required 

An accessibility to plentiful commercial, recreational, and social amenities such as businesses, real estate activity, educational centers, shops, and entertainment hubs 

A strong sense of community  

Built-in, enhanced security systems that are constantly improving upon themselves A beautiful location that combines big-city amenities with small-town history and walkability Gorgeous sea-to-sky views 

Accessibility to multiple conveniences such as Harbour Air, Nanaimo Golf Course and Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. Interested in choosing Harbourview District for your retirement? Contact us today to learn more.