What to Consider When Buying a Condo When You Own a Pet

What to consider when buying a condo when you own a pet? In short: a lot!

For pet owners buying a condo (or renting a condo), it can oftentimes feel that the restrictions surrounding pet ownership are endless. While we here at Harbourview District are proud to simplify this process for our buyers and renters by being pet-friendly, not all condo communities are so welcoming.

In today’s blog, the Harbourview District team will be detailing the top must-do’s (and don’ts!) for buying a condo development as an animal lover.

Check the Strata Bylaws When Looking to Buy A Pet-Friendly Condo

When purchasing a condo development as a pet owner, it is vital to read the rules for unit owners. These types of rules can include community rules or specific no-pets rules.

Oftentimes with condo corporations, the community is governed by a strata or homeowners’ association (otherwise referred to as the HOA); as such, the strata  will enforce the majority of said rules, including pet-related ones.

Common questions surrounding community rules include:

  • “What does a strata typically say about pet restrictions?”

Pet restrictions and pet-friendly policies as decreed by the HOA typically extends to the number of animals permitted per unit, the types of animals permitted on the property, the size of pets (namely size restrictions), specific breed limitations, and a cap on noise disturbance

  • “Where can the Strata rules in condo communities be found?”

Strata rules can be found in the developer’s “Disclosure Statement” or the strata management company will provide a document outlining bylaws, conditions, and restrictions which is available for reading by any and all prospective condo buyers. This document will detail if your condo has a pet-friendly floor plan, if there are any additional weight limits for pet ownership, or any other related standard clauses.

  • “Can the Strata  rules be changed?”

The bylaws put in place are there to  benefit the community as a whole and are generally difficult to change; however, homeowners have the opportunity to present requests for changes to the bylaws at the annual general meeting (AGM).

Consider Nearby Pet-Friendly Amenities

It is recommended to consider a building with pet-friendly amenities and easy accessibility for your furry friend.

Some condos feature amenities such as dog-washing stations in the parkade, grassy areas for pet-relief that include convenient waste stations, pet-friendly drinking fountains, and complimentary water bowls available throughout the property.

To make the best of these amenities (or even simply the areas around your condo where your pet can stretch your legs or relieve themselves), consider buying a condo with separate ground-floor access to your unit.

For the Good of Your Pet, Choose a Pet-Friendly Condo Development

Harbourview District prides itself on being a vibrant community that combines urban living with a small-town sense of togetherness. That includes welcoming your four-legged family members (regardless of their breed) as part of the Harbourview District family!

Overlooking the downtown Nanaimo core and the Port of Nanaimo, we are an emerging master-planned community that boasts both ocean and mountain views. Our array of big-city amenities, landscaped walkways, multiple bike lanes, easy driveability to many major entertainment hubs, and culture-rich history make it the pinnacle of the affordable yet urban experience in Nanaimo.

Have any further questions surrounding what pet ownership looks like in Harbourview District (or elsewhere in British Columbia)? Drop us a line today to have one of our experts answer your queries.