Why Condo Living is a Great Lifestyle

Why it is great to live in a condo: when prospective residents, investors, or renters ask us why condo living is so phenomenal, we here at Harbourview District oftentimes find that we have too much to say!

Today, however, we will distill the main factors of why it is great to live in a condo into the lifestyle advantages and financial advantages of condo living to help first-time homeowners, renters, and prospective investors simplify the major decisions of choosing between a condominium and a detached single-family home!

The First Advantage of Condo Living: Ease of Maintenance

Freedom from maintenance is oftentimes one of the first advantages condo residents and condo owners list when it comes to condo living. 

Say goodbye to the yard maintenance, general exterior maintenance, and maintenance bills that come along with renting, owning, or investing in a standard single-family home: when it comes to condo life, your condo fees will cover the primary maintenance bills in case of an emergency. In addition, your condominium complex’s expert maintenance staff will be on call to handle the cleaning and maintenance of all communal spaces, green space, general building upkeep, and exterior repairs to your specific unit. 

Traditional condo fees in British Columbia cover:

  • Basic upkeep, such as window cleaning, gardening, community amenities, and community spaces (like hallways, foyers, elevators, and parking garages)
  • The installation and maintenance of building security features and, as time goes on, enhanced building security
  • Water, hydro, and, less commonly, heating
  • Building insurance

When it comes to your decision process for choosing between home ownership and condo ownership, the freedom from general building maintenance and having to handle major repair should play a role. For example, owners, renters, and investors who want a hands-off experience when it comes to maintenance are recommended to opt for a condo life. 

The Second Advantage of Condo Living: Access to Amenities

For some, convenience is king. That’s why easy access to recreational amenities, educational amenities, and work-related amenities factor in to the choice to opt for a condominium versus detached houses.

Some of the most popular condo amenities include:

  • An outdoor entertainment space
  • Communal gym equipment
  • A steam room
  • A pool
  • A children’s playground
  • Underground parking spaces
  • Nearby shopping, education, and work options
  • Green space for those within the condo community to walk their dogs
  • A rec room
  • And other numerous amenities 

The variety of amenities offered will depend on the condominium in question. It is recommended to talk to your real estate agent ahead of purchase to ensure that the amenities that are offered align with your wants and needs.

The Third Advantage of Condo Living: Combining The Joys of Inner-City Living With the Perks of a Small-Town Community 

Last but certainly not least, many benefits of condo living boil down to condos providing the unique experience of inner-city living with the perks of a small-town community atmosphere.

Take Harbourview District as an example: as a master-planned community, we here at Harbourview District provide a unique combination of the best of urban living (including, but not limited to, ample green space, walkability and bikeability, and modern street designs) with a tight-knit community between residents.

Alongside affordability and long-term value, Harbourview District’s proximity the Nanaimo downtown core’s many amenities is one of its biggest perks: as a developing transitional neighbourhood, Harbourview District is located near numerous parks, seawalls, shops, businesses, educational centers, real estate activity, and entertainment hubs… all within walking distance of each unit’s front door.

In fact, Harbourview District is a short walk to the following: Nanaimo’s re-imagined Commercial Street, acting as an energetic stroll throughout the Downtown core; the much-loved Cold Front Gelato; Port Place Shopping Center, a hub for eye care, medical, banking, hearing services, and groceries; The Network Hub, a trending co-working space for entrepreneurs as an ideal workspace; and cafes such as Gabriels and Vault.

Harbourview District also provides easy access to Island Highway, Vancouver Island’s main highway, a 15-minute walk to both access Harbour Air and drive to hiking-and-biking trails, and a one-and-a-half hour’s drive to the famous Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. 

Being developed by Parkshore Projects, Harbourview District links the hub of downtown Nanaimo to the historic reconstruction, beachfront locations, and natural coastal joys of the surrounding area. Over the next five years, Parkshore has signed on to create 280 homes, all of which are to be made up of multiple mid-rise condo buildings linked by Harbourview District’s unique green space and gorgeous pedestrian walkways.

Discover the Joys of Condo Living First-Hand With Harbourview District

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